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Door een stroomstoring bij de provider was onze website helaas een paar dagen uit de lucht. De problemen zijn nu opgelost en iedereen kan ook weer bij het oefenmateriaal voor Paradox.

Hieronder vind je de uitgeschreven tekst van het stuk.


Tekst van Paradox, samengesteld en gecomponeerd door Nico Philipp Hovius 1996


Gen. 1: 2                             Earth was still an empty waste,

and darkness hung over the deep;

but already, over the waters,

stirred the breath of God.

Psalm   130: 1                    Out of the depths I cry for thee, O Lord;

Gen. 1 : 14-15                    God said, Let there be luminaries in the vault

of the sky, to divide the spheres of day and night;

let them give portents and be the measures of time,

to mark out the day and the year;

let them shine in the sky's vault,

and shed light on the earth.

Gen. 1: 4                             God saw the light and found it good.

Psalm 130:2                       Master listen to my voice;

let but thy ears be attentive to the voice

that calls on thee for Pardon.

Open.8: 2                            And now I saw trumpets given to the angels

who stand in God's Presence'

Open.8: 13                         Woe, woe, woe to all that dwell on earth,

when those calls are sounded by the angels

whose trumpets have yet to sound

Open.8: 12                         And when the angel sounded,

a third of the sun and a third of the moon and a

third of the stars were smitten with darkness,

so that the day must go without light for a third

of its length, and the night too.

Psalm 77: 8                        Can it be that God will always leave us forsaken,

will never shew us again his old kindness?

Gen. 1: 6-8                         God said;Let a solid vault arise amid the waters,

to keep these waters apart from those;

a vault by which God would separate the waters

which were beneath it from the waters above it;

and so it was done. This vault God called the Sky.

Gen. 1: 20                           After this, God said, Let the waters produce

moving things that have life in them,

and let winged things fly above the earth

under the sky’s vault;

and God saw it, and found it good'

Open.8:8-9                         And when the second angel sounded,

it was as if a great mountain,

all in flames, fell into the sea,

turning a third part of the sea into blood,

and killing a third of all the creatures,

that live in the sea.

Psalm 142:1-3                   Loud is my cry to the Lord,

the prayer I utter for the Lord's mercy,

as I pour out my complaint for him, of the

affliction I endure.

Gen. 1: 9-10                       And now God said, Let the waters below

the vault collect in one place

to make dry land appear. And so it was done;

the dry land God called Earth.

Gen. 1: 24                           God said, Let the land yield all different

kinds of living things, cattle and creeping things

and wild beasts of every sort; and so it was done;

God saw it, and found it good.

Open. 8: 10-11                 And when the third angel sounded,

a great star fell from heaven,

burning like a torch,

fell upon a third part of the rivers,

and on the springs of water.

And it changed a third of the water into wormwood,

till many died of drinking the water,

so bitter had it become.

Psalm 55: 2                        Give audience to my prayer, o God;

do not spurn this plea of mine;

Gen. 2: 1                             Thus heaven and earth and all the furniture

of them were completed.

Gen. 1: 31                           And God saw all that he had made, and found it

very good.

Psalm 123: 1                      Unto thee I lift up my eyes, unto thee,

who dwellest in the heavens.

Open. 22:1                         And he shewed me, a river,

whose waters give life: it flows,

clear as crystal, from the throne of God,

from the throne of the Lamb.

Psalm 19: 1-5                    See how the skies proclaim God's glory,

how the vault of heaven betrays his craftsmanship

Each day echoes its secret to the next,

each night passes on to the next its revelation of

knowledge; no word no accent of theirs that does

make itself heard, till their utterance fills

every land, till their message reaches the ends

of the world.